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Tuna Time!

With warmer weather comes warmer water, and as summer draws closer our anticipation of Tuna fishing builds! There had been some good offshore action over the last few weeks but between the wind and getting the business set up we hadn't had time to get out there. Finally we caught a break and the wind laid out so we put together a group and headed to the deep! Listening to the radio everyones day started out slow and we were no exception, a few caught here and there but thats it. Around 10 am we finally found a large school of bait that was holding some good fish! Lauren was first on the rod and she landed a fat 47# yellowfin (not bad for her first tuna!), Ryan was next but unfortunately his was short and had to go back, and finally Tre who brought a 39# Yellowfin to the boat! As quickly as it started, the action shut down just as fast and our bait school disappeared, we worked around the area for a little longer and packed up at 1 and headed for home. It was great to have some meat in the box and a successful first offshore trip! On top of it all, the weather was gorgeous! Slick calm on our way in made running at 30 knots a breeze and we got back to the dock quickly!